Seminar February 2021

Lots of people were doing freelancing in Azad Kashmir, But our youth needed a proper platform, with the help of which people could learn a lot of skills and make their career towards freelancing. And to do this, Moboroid took its first initiative. The aim of the seminar was to aware the young generation of freelancing by teaching them the skills of IT. The seminar was held on Feb 2021. About 300 above people attended the seminar. Entrepreneurs from Azad Kashmir, as well as freelancers, attended the seminar in order to promote freelancing among the young generation. Here are a few of them.

Mr Fahad Raja
Mr Fahad Raja is a Young Entrepreneur as well as he is one of the top freelancers of AJK. He addressed us, At that time when he started people were not aware of this field and had to face a lot of struggle, now after his tireless efforts he is running a successful business and is spreading awareness about freelancing. So that youth don’t have to face that type of struggle.

Mr Sohail Mehboob Butt
Sohail Mehboob butt has 6 years of experience as a web developer and an expert in web development. Mr Sohail butt packed with excellent resources for anyone learning to become a full stack developer. He includes a detailed description of his journey, along with almost all the resources he used. He also discusses how he kept improving his skills throughout his journey. In the end, he presents some advice, a list of mistakes, and an outline of the learning materials that helped him, organized by how to approach them.

Mr Umer Mir
Omar Mir is an expert in Android App development and has 5 years of experience. In the seminar, he told the young generation how much mobile application is beneficial. With today’s mobile technology, we can work directly from our mobile device via our related app sitting at home. Also, he motivated and encouraged the young youth of AJK towards freelancing.


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