Seminar September 2021

Moboroid started an initiative to target the youth of Azad Kashmir in the field of IT. The seminar was held on September 4 2021. About 500 people attended the seminar. Moboroid wants to discover future possibilities and Enable the people of Azad Kashmir. Moboroid offers IT courses that address the specific challenges you face as IT managers and technical professionals.
Our aim is to bring the young generation towards freelancing, how they can earn money sitting at home. This seminar proved to be very beneficial for the youth, in which freelancing to online earning, skill development and career counselling were raised. In the seminar, Azad Kashmir’s successful entrepreneur, freelancer gathered as a guest and they encouraged the Young Generation of Azad Kashmir towards Freelancing. Here are a few of them.

Mr Fahad raja
Fahad Raja is a young freelancer from Mirpur Azad Kashmir, with 3/4 years of experience. In his keynote address, he discussed the benefits of freelancing and how freelancing can help them achieve their goals. 

Miss Sabeen
Sabeen Farooq, who belongs to Azad Kashmir, is a PTV anchor and a well-known personality in digital media. She is a big inspiration for us, she motivated the young generation that how to set the goal of their life first and work hard to complete their goals by focusing.

Obaid Khan
Mr Obaid Khan is a young entrepreneur from Azad Kashmir who is an expert in the field of Amazon. He raised about Virtual Assistant, how we can earn money from Amazon sitting at home. He cleared some misconceptions about amazon that  You don’t have to invest first,  you can work on other fields except product selling.

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